Since starting our online shop we have strived to have the best customer service and fastest shipping. We have been asked multiple times about the following questions and wanted to give everyone some answers!!

Q1: Why don't you do pre-orders?

A: Simple, we dont want to take your money and not have anything to show for it. We pride ourselves on getting your orders to you quickly. We can't do that with pre-orders! Another reason being we are a family run business, we know things come up. If you pre-order something today that is not going to be available til April, that money could be used for something else. Rest assured, we will be getting in all the current kits when they come out!

Q2: My shipping box looks like it was from another vendor?

A: Yes, we reuse boxes that we get in our store. If they meet the quality standards to safely ship your kits, we will reuse a box regardless of where it is from. Our vendors reuse boxes too! We reuse them to keep the costs down, boxes are expensive unless they are bought in huge quantities. We do not have the space for 100 boxes of the same size! Another reason, probably the most important, is our hobby creates a lot of waste. We are not going all environmental, we just feel that doing this one little thing can make a teeny tiny little dent in the waste stream!

Q3: Your kits don't get stocked as quickly and your selection is not huge.

A: Yes, you are correct. We are a startup that has only been in business since July! We are continually adding new kits as well as older ones. Once we sell out, we order more IF they are available from our distributors. We do not have the buying power like some of the other online retailers. Our inventory comes from two distributors both of which get restocks in at separate times. This can cause some logistical nightmares! 

Q4: Do you have a store?

A: At this time we do not. We are looking into local pickup through our online platform but we both have full time jobs. In the future it may be a possibility with all the support we get from you!

Q5: Why did you start another online Gunpla shop?

A: We noticed a need in the Gunpla community for faster shipping and better customer service. We know the frustration of trying to get ahold of someone. Of waiting long times waiting for your order. We want to be the best for YOU! We are family owned (Myself, my wife, and our daughter). We missed the personal touch when ordering something so we decided to give that back to you. This is the reason that we offer better discounts, fair shipping that is fast and the occasional freebie in your order. We're not looking to get rich, just to have fun and give back to the community that has given us so much joy!

Q6: Where did the name come from?

A: Our daughter loves panda bears! We decided right at the beginning of this that it would be a family business. Because of this decision, you will not be able to find some of the more "racy" stuff that is available in our hobby. 

As always, we are here for you! If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE reach out to us! We can't help if we don't know about it. 

Happy Building!

The Leaping Panda Family

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