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Ultraman: Ultraman Suit Tiga  1/12Ultraman: Ultraman Suit Tiga  1/12
Mecha: Vifam Set 2Mecha: Vifam Set 2
One Piece: Spade Pirates' ShipOne Piece: Spade Pirates' Ship
Mecha: Giant (Jaiyan) Dump Truck 1/64Mecha: Giant (Jaiyan) Dump Truck 1/64
Pokemon: MewtwoPokemon: Mewtwo
Mecha: Fang of the Sun MembersMecha: Fang of the Sun Members
Mecha: MAILeS KENBU Zan 1/72Mecha: MAILeS KENBU Zan 1/72
Mecha: Cho Mashin Ryujinmaru HGMecha: Cho Mashin Ryujinmaru HG
Combat Mecha XaBungle: Government Type 1/100
Combat Mecha XaBungle: Promeus Type 1/100
Combat Mecha XaBungle: Dugger Type 1/100

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