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Accessories: RG RED Parrot for Gundam Crossbone RG 1/144Accessories: RG RED Parrot for Gundam Crossbone RG 1/144
Delpi MG Buster Holo Waterslides 1/100
Delpi: Federation Universal Luminous Waterslide DecalDelpi: Federation Universal Luminous Waterslide Decal
Delpi: GM Multi-use 1/100 and 1/144
Delpi: HG Nightingale 4 Types (Holo Polygonal) 1/144
Delpi: MGEX Strike Freedom (Normal Gold) 1/100
Delpi: MGEX Strike Freedom (Normal) 1/100
Delpi: RG God Gundam (Holo) 1/144
Delpi: ZEON Luminous Waterslide Decal
Silver Astray Red Frame Base Metal Sticker
Supplies: YF-19 Macross Water Decals HG 1/100

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