30MS: Option Parts Beyond the Blue Sky

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From The Idolmaster Shiny Colors, the costume "Beyond the Blue Sky" of idols belonging to 283 (Tsubasa) Production has been commercialized as an optional body part!

The chest part of the costume is a part composition pursued to the limit, and colorful color coding and precise details are reproduced just by assembling it as it is. It is possible to assemble three types of forms selectively.

The small feathers on the back are also reproduced in the shape of parts. The heart on the chest expresses a clear texture with a plastic sticker. The skirt expresses a wavy shape with a sheet printed with a pattern. Some parts are made of smoked clear material with glitter.

The selectable "leg parts" express two types of heights in combination. The skin parts are matted on the surface of the mold when finishing, and the effect is soft and reflective of light. In addition to hand parts with expressions, three types of hand parts that can hold the microphone are included.

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