D9R Armored Bulldozer w/ Slat Armor 1/35

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The D9R armored bulldozers entered service with IDF as the standard equipment of Combat Engineering Battalions between the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004. They are mainly used in the West Bank, Palestinian territories and the Gaza Strip. They are a multi-purpose platform used in IDF’s counter-guerrilla operations in urban areas and low-intensity combats in complex regions. From 2005, D9Rs have been added with slat armor which is effective in protecting them from RPG-7 attacks. Besides, weapons like machine guns and grenade launchers can be added on top of the cab for self-defense.


This D9R Armored Bulldozer Sulamot plastic model kit realistically represents the mechanical beauty of the real vehicle. The complex slat armor construction is precisely modeled. The dozer blade and ripper are realistic and workable. Metal hydraulic cylinder rods look more realistic. Cab interiors are included. Brand-new tooling workable track links are included. 

Length: 247mm     Width:126mm

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