Israel Main Battle Tank 1/35

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The Magach 6B GAL was the Israeli modernized version of the M60A1 RISE main battle tank. It came out after the Operation Peace for Galilee. The IDF decided to improve the Magach 6B FCS by replacing its M17 range finder and M13 ballistic computer with more advanced GAL fire control system. The installation of a new peritlescope forced the construction of a new and larger armored housing, which was positioned in front of the commander’s cupola. A crosswind sensor mast was positioned on the rear left hand of the turret roof. A thermal sleeve was added to the 105mm main gun. Such modifications improved Magach’s shooting accuracy. The improved shooting accuracy and outstanding add-on armor gave the Magach 6B GAL the same combat effectiveness of the then latest main battle tanks. This tank served as a first-line tank for many years, in parallel to the Merkava series tanks.


This TS-044 Israel Main Battle Tank Magach 6B GAL model kit includes movable suspension and workable tracks. The vinyl part designed by digital sculpting has realistic details. Fine PE parts and a track assembly jig are included. This kit features outstanding details and excellent parts fit.

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