HexaGear: Scarecrow (Forest Color Ver.)

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The popular Scarecrow, one of the second-generation Hexa Gear units, is now back in an all-new FOREST COLOR Ver.

With the new dark green coloration, this rendition of Scarecrow can now be more easily combined with other second-generation Hexa Gear units by simply assembling the pre-painted parts.


■Ground Chainsaw

■Machine Gun

■HEXA G-R.A.M Storage


Product Specifications:

■The machine gun can be modified and used as a HEXA GEAR Weapon for other models such as BULKARM α (sold separately).

■The HEXA G-R.A.M Storage Units can also be removed and equipped with a small handle to use with Governor models.

■The leg parts can be removed and used with other HEXA GEAR models.

■The Ground Chainsaws attached to Scarecrow’s feet can be removed and equipped with an attachment for Governors to hold as a weapon.

■The control device is a special version that is also compatible with Frame ArmsGirls models.

■The HEXA G-R.A.M storage units can be attached to other Hexa Gear for use as drop tanks.

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