Cargo Truck Transport Truck (Wandering Earth) 1/100

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From the Chinese movie The Wandering Earth ( comes the main cargo transport seen throughout the film. The kit is manufactured by MENG and is highly detailed.

The transport truck is the star vehicle in the movie The Wandering Earth. The movie plot starts from this vehicle and ends with it. It's also the vehicle that witnesses the movie climax with the leading roles. The giant, rugged, reliable transport truck is the most eye-catching vehicle in The Wandering Earth.


This MMS-001 1/100 Cargo Truck-Transport Truck CN114-03 is a pre-colored snap-fit model kit released based on the vehicles in The Wandering Earth by MENG and China Film Marketing. This kit features pre-colored parts and a snap-fit assembly design. The vehicle exteriors are realistically represented as per original movie design. Two vehicle options are included: the transport truck or iron ore truck. An audio module is provided to play the classic movie lines.

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