Mecha: Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse F-22A Raptor EMD Phase 2

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The Tactical Surface Fighter of the protagonist’s rival makes its debut!

From Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse, the 65th Combat Training Battalion Infinities version of F-22A Raptor EMD Phase2, the US Armed Forces’ 3rd generation state-of-the-art TSF, finally joins Kotobukiya’s plastic model kit lineup!

This version of F-22A Raptor EMD Phase2 is the main unit used in Infinities, with an impressive battle record in the hands of protagonist Yuya Bridges' former rival Leon Kuze and Sharon Heim.

As the unit’s markings are recreated with decals in this multi-color kit, users can recreate a finish that is close to F-22A Raptor EMD Phase2 by just assembling the model.

4 AMWS-21 Combat Systems are included, which make up the unit’s main Assault Cannon system. 2 CIWS-1B Combat Knives are also included.

The sensors in the center of the back, hip joint and knees are recreated with clear parts.
Left and right gripping, open, knife-holding, and cannon-holding hand parts are included.
The inside of the shoulder armor is equipped with a slide joint to allow for unobstructed movement of the shoulder for more dynamic poses.
Users can choose to attach the AMWS-21 Combat Systems to the Mount Pylons, or use the exchangeable parts to extend them forwards.
The knife sheaths in the knee parts can be deployed using the exchangeable parts.
This model is also compatible with all types of flying bases, sold separately, so users can recreate a variety of dynamic poses.

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