Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia (Second Ship Phantom Death Shadow Conversion) 1/500

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Space Pirate Battle Ship Arcadia Second Ship (Phantom Death Shadow Conversion.) 

- Monthly [Champion Red] [Captain Harlock dimension voyage] series has been started from the No. released August 19 of (Akita Shoten published) a double-dip ship Arcadia that appeared in (Original: Shimahoshi-koichi: Leiji Matsumoto, cartoon) kit.
- Added a new antenna parts that have been added to the set of dimension voyage ver own, the bridge top.. In addition, Space Wolf of the same scale (two aircraft) is attached.
- Molding color 7 color blue, dark blue, black, white, red, brown, yellow and clear.
- Lamb of bow is reproduced by replacement of parts.
- Decal corresponding to the relief sculpture of poop or bridge, for exhibition stand is attached.

※ character figures are not included in the kit.

- Bow ram parts are included
- Display stand included
Add plastic parts]
- Antenna
- Space Wolf parts (× 2)

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