Navy: Battle of Malaya Set 1/700

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This is a limited-edition re-issue of the Battle of Malaya Set, now with a new background story leaflet in Japanese language and separate digest sheet in English to really bring the gripping events of this famous battle to life.

During the fighting in and around Malaya (now Malaysia), the British battleship Prince of Wales was sunk by Japanese bombers in a display of the potential that air power held over big ships. This set includes naval models from the famed Water Line series, plus minute 1/700 scale aircraft.

• British Battleship Prince of Wales kit (Item 31615) x1
• British Battle Cruiser Repulse kit (Item 31617) x1
• Royal Australian Navy Destroyer Vampire kit (Item 31910) x1
• British E Class Destroyers Electra & Express kits (Item 31909) x1 each
• Type-1 & Type-96 Bombers x6 each
• Ten 30cm lengths of wire are included to depict bombers in flight, capturing the drama of the actual battle.
• Comes in a carry case with handle, featuring profile illustrations of the participants.

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