Supplies: Dspiae Plastic Card for Customization .3mm

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Customization Plate for Models
Enhances Details And Improves Your Style
Different Specifications | Built in Graduated Scale | Easy To Use | Wide Applicability

Built In Graduated Scale
With the built-in scale, builders can easily cut their desired shapes with the place.
(can cut or fold with the perforation)

Easy To Sand
The plastic quality is similar to model pieces, making the sanding process easy

Easy Application
Can be glued with modeling cement after cutting or used to reinforce pieces according to needs.

Creating Your Own Pieces
After gluing the pieces, you can sand or cut to create your own pieces.

4 Types of Thickness For Mix And Match
0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm

Can Be Drilled
A drill and other tools can be used to open a hole.
For thinner plates, a hole puncher can be used.

Paint Friendly
It is advised to paint after sanding the printed surface for best coverage

Children under the age of to are prohibited from using this product
Do NOT use brutal force on the sheets to avoid permanent distortion.
Specifications described on this page are based on hand made measurements. Please allow for small tolerance.
Do NOT pose the product in direct sunlight or heat source to avoid warpage.

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