Tamiya Workstand w/Magnifying Lens

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  • Sturdy plastic base with compartments to store decals, glue bottles,
  • And paint bottles
  • Three brush supports give you a place to set your brushes without
  • Getting paint on your table
  • Pivoting arm with magnifying lens and powerful 6 white LED lamp for
  • Working on those fine details
  • Base has a slot to house a 9x12" cutting mat (HCAR0453)
  • Light is powered by four D size batteries or 6V adapter


  • One black plastic base
  • One pivot arm with lights and magnifying lens
  • One white plastic back board


  • Length: 13" (330mm)
  • Width: 15" (381mm)


  • Extra light with the Tamiya Work Station with Magnifying Lens
  • Four D size batteries

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