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Connect items on your board according to the Challenge card and give shape to an object. To win, be the first to guess what you are drawing. With its fast-paced and seamless gameplay, Connecto is wonderfully addictive!

Connecto is based on the concept of connect-the-dots: connect the dots and guess what you are drawing. Each round, a card with several items is revealed. Simultaneously, players connect these items on their board to draw a shape. The first player who guesses what they are drawing (even if the shape is incomplete) writes it down on their board and starts the countdown for the other players. Once the time is up, players win points if they guessed right.

During each game, you will have to find 8 objects among more than 184 challenges with various difficulties. Learn gradually how to play with our 3 progressive tutorials that lead you through challenges of increasing complexity.

2-4 players
Ages 8+
30 minute play time

5 player boards
96 large format cards
5 dry-erase markers

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