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In a Fastest Thinker First Frenzy. Players take turns to deal their playing cards, a combination of Letter Cards and Action Cards, down on three piles of Letter Cards. As your playing cards are laid down in turn, one by one, on the equal three piles, an Action Card will appear, leaving the two Letter Cards visible. The Action Card will instruct you how to use the two visible letters to create an answer. The possibility of answers are absolutely endless, you just need to use your Noggin, and think of an Answer, quick!

For example, M & A combined with a 'Describe' Action Card could be Amazing Magician, or with a 'Name Initial' Card, Muhammed Ali. If you get the answer right first, or most importantly, if your playing partners agree your answer is credible. You keep that Action Card. Collect the most Action Cards by the time all of the cards have been dealt, and you can claim to have the best Noggin in the room!

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