Warhammer 40K: Introductory Set

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This boxed set includes:

1x 48-page softcover Warhammer 40,000 Introductory Set Handbook

16x plastic push-fit Citadel miniatures 

5x Space Marines

5x Infernus Marines
11x Tyranids

- 10x Termagants
- 1x Ripper Swarm

1x 30" by 22.4" double-sided gaming mat

1x range ruler and 6x dice

22x cardboard tokens and terrain markers

1x Citadel Starter Clippers 
1x Citadel Colour Starter Brush 

5x 12ml Citadel Colour paints 
- 1x Abaddon Black
- 1x Wraithbone
- 1x Balthasar Gold
- 1x Naggaroth Night
- 1x Macragge Blue

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