Warhammer 40K: Space Marines - Warhammer Heroes Ultramarines Series 4 (Random Single)

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The Space Marine Heroes series of collectible blind-box miniatures returns, now known as Warhammer Heroes, with a new set of lucky-dip models. Series 4 comprises seven new miniatures from a variety of Space Marine squads, featuring Intercessors, an Assault Intercessor, a Heavy Intercessor, an Eliminator, and even a Captain, all entirely new for this set.

But there’s more! Unlike previous series, this collection can be used in games of Kill Team as a unique faction. Each miniature comes with its own Kill Team datacard containing their full rules and a ploy for the team to use, so all you need is any six of the seven operatives to start playing.

!!7 Different minis in this issue. THIS IS A RANDOM DRAW when ordered!!

This series of Warhammer Heroes comes with KILL TEAM Datacards. These datacards are used in our tabletop game and include stats that capture each combatant’s aptitudes and special skills in greater detail.
These miniatures can be used in both games of Warhammer 40,000 and Kill Team making them a great purchase for fans of either game system
Each display box contains 1x of each miniature plus 1 duplicate.

Miniature(s) are supplied unpainted. Some assembly may be required.

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